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Is Finally Here!!!

Ultra Compact, 2 and 3 Channel Capabilities

Single Electrode – No More Lead Wires, Shower Friendly RedLine

Holter and Cardiac Event Monitoring Services Made Easy

Improve Patient Care AND Increase Your Revenue.

– All At Absolutely No Cost To You!


Stop Sending Patients Out for Cardiac Testing

Every hour, 60 Americans die from heart failure. Since timely cardiac monitoring can be critical, don’t risk a delay! If you suspect possible cardiac issues, hook the patient up to a heart monitor and get the diagnostic process started immediately. Your practice will keep the billings, while your patients will get speedier diagnosis and improved outcomes.

Get Everything You Need To Perform Cardiac Testing In Your Office, Free

With Cardiac Monitoring Service (CMS) there are no start-up costs, quotas, contracts, equipment maintenance bills or out-of-pocket expenses for your office of any kind. We’ll provide everything you need, including state-of-the-art cardiac monitoring equipment, all supplies, and easy-to-use software which easily integrates with your EMR system.

Enjoy Amazing Customer Service

CMS understands your needs. Same day test results are standard, and stat service is always available. Telephones are answered by a live person 24/7. And to ensure accuracy, every report is meticulously prepared by a Certified Cardiovascular Technician.

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