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Dental Hygiene and Heart Health

Cardiologists and periodontists, the dentists who treat gum disease, have long debated the link between poor dental health and heart disease. After years of research and hundreds of studies, the connection is still not completely certain. Robert Bonow, MD, past

Chocolate’s Link To Heart Health

For hundreds of years, chocolate has been savored as a delicious indulgence by people all around the world. Indeed, today the average American consumes between 10 and 12 pounds of chocolate per year.  Of course, chocolate is usually thought of

Cardiac Monitoring Innovation

In an effort to foster innovation, The University of Illinois is sponsoring the 2015 Cozad New Venture Competition for engineering students. The competition offers engineering students an opportunity to develop their concepts while having access to industry experts, mentors, and

Introducing myPatch® Holter Monitors

Cardiac Monitoring Service is excited to announce the next generation of Holter Monitor. Introducing  myPatch®, the single electrode, multi-channel Holter Recorder. Exclusively from Cardiac Monitoring Service. myPatch® is a  multi-channel Holter Recorder developed to provide cutting edge care, with a compact design

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