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myPatch® Holter Monitors


myPatch® is a revolutionary multi-channel Holter recorder brought to you exclusively by Cardiac Monitoring Service.

Cutting Edge Design

  • Multi-channel recording for more accurate results.
  • Single electrode application eliminates the need for lead wires.
  • Provides state-of-the-art care in an ultra-compact design.

Improve Patient Care

my patch 2

myPatch® was developed with patient comfort in mind. The design allows for patients to shower and sleep comfortably without having to remove the monitor. They are also able to continue with their active lifestyle and exercise routines. Our single electrode application means quick setup and no more lead wires!

Easy To Read Reports color reports

  • Easy-to-read color Holter reports are available within hours.
  • Reports are prepared by our Certified Cardiovascular Technicians.
  • Secure Holter reports available on-line within hours to minutes.
  • Stat reports upon request.
  • Customer support available free of charge 24/7.

 Increase Revenue

Cardiac Monitoring Service provides your practice with the myPatch® Holter monitor, supplies, equipment and software and maintenance, all at no cost to you. You bill your patient’s insurance for your services, and we bill their insurance for the technical component.



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