Bringing You 30 Years of Cardiac Monitoring Services Expertise

Cardiac Monitoring Made Easy

For the past 30+ years Cardiac Monitoring Service (CMS) has been focusing exclusively on helping physicians provide cardiac monitoring services to their patients. Today we receive and process over 12,000 tests each year for a client list that includes more than 4,000 physicians nationwide. This experience has taught us how to streamline things to make cardiac monitoring…

  • Easy for Physicians – Save time with easy-to-read, customizable reports prepared and summarized by our Certified Cardiovascular Technicians – the majority of whom bring over a decade of experience to the job. All Holter Monitor reports are color coded for even faster interpretation.
  • Easy for Nurses & Staff  – The free start-up kit has everything you need, including software to create a complete Holter monitor system on your desktop. There’s no paperwork to fill out, and all supplies – right down to the alcohol prep pads – are provided.
  • Easy for Patients  – Small, lightweight cardiac monitoring equipment is easy for patients to wear and use as they move about freely in their everyday lives.

Revenue Generation Made Easy

Our separate Billing, Administrative and Technical Departments are each staffed by dedicated specialists, so you can always speak directly with someone who can actually meet your needs. Representatives are available 24/7, ready to take your call. Everything about CMS is configured to help you both improve patient care and increase your revenue. Now you can offer cardiac monitoring services to your patients who need it – all at absolutely no cost to you.


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