In an effort to foster innovation, The University of Illinois is sponsoring the 2015 Cozad New Venture Competition for engineering students. The competition offers engineering students an opportunity to develop their concepts while having access to industry experts, mentors, and meetings with venture capitalists.

One of the most exciting innovations to come from this year’s Cozad Competition is the Corvae device. What makes Corvae special, is its ability to perform heart monitoring services – wirelessly. As a child, Corvae co-founder Sid Muthal spent a substantial amount of time in the hospital battling illness. It was during this time that Muthal became very familiar with the inconveniences that come with having to have your vitals checked constantly. Corvae aims to eliminate the intrusive wires and bulky equipment that is usually associated with heart monitoring.

The benefits of Corvae don’t stop with the patients. The Corvae team has developed new and efficient ways to transmit data remotely from the heart monitors to nurses, physicians, and medical staff. The device gives doctors the ability to access raw or processed data, conveniently on their mobile devices.

As a leader in the heart monitoring industry, all of us at Cardiac Monitoring Service are thrilled to see young people who are so passionate about innovation. With a little bit of guidance and encouragement the Cozad program is helping students to improve patient’s quality of life, and potentially change the world.

Cardiac Monitoring Service is committed to providing the most efficient equipment, while also catering to the comfort of our patients. Please join us in congratulating team Corvae on a job well done.


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