Flexible billing solution - Cardiac Monitoring Service
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Our billing options

For all Holter, Event and Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring services, we partner with you to ensure the best results for you and your patients.

Split Billing

With our support to deliver cardiac analysis reports, split billing ensures each stage of the test is billed by the service provider. Your clinic bills for the Hook-Up/Recording component of the test and the Interpretation of the results – while we bill for the scanning and provision of analysis reports.

Fee for Service

With Fee for Service, we charge you a flat fee per patient insurance type, while you bill the insurance companies for all stages of the test, including Hook-Up/Recording, Scanning, and Interpretation.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure

You have unlimited use of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring service at your clinic, charged on a monthly flat fee basis per device. Our fees include the ABPM device, inflation sleeve and software to generate reports in your office.

from January 2021

Holter Cardiac Monitoring CPT codes

Medicare billing changes

1-2 days

Up to than 48hrs

93225 Holter Placement/Removal

93226 Scanning/Analysis with report

93227 Interpretation

93224 Global Billing

3-7 days

More than 48hrs, up to 7 days

93242 Holter Placement/Removal

93243 Scanning/Analysis with report

93244 Interpretation

93241 Global Billing

8+ days

More than 7 days, up to 15 days

93246 Holter Placement/Removal

93247 Scanning/Analysis with report

93248 Interpretation

93245 Global Billing

Codes for other services

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Download quickguide

New Medicare billing changes 2021

New CPT codes for Extended Holter monitoring begin 1 January 2021. Find out more and get your quick guides.