With Holter Monitoring Services from Cardiac Monitoring Service, we make it easy for you to deliver effective diagnostic care to your patients, while also making your practice more profitable. Blog Image 9 Holter Monitoring ServiceCMS does not require any startup fees, quotas or maintenance fees for equipment. In fact, our responsive services and cutting edge equipment are available to you without any charge to your practice.
Our Holter Monitoring Services include the benefit of same day test results. Customer support is offered on a twenty-four-seven basis with live staff available via telephone around the clock.
Our Holter Monitoring software was designed with medical professionals in mind. We understand how busy doctors are, which is why we strive to make our reports as easy to read as possible. Our Holter Monitor Reports are compiled by qualified cardiovascular specialists. The arrhythmia color scheme facilitates prompt evaluations and confirmations. The full color reports include trends over the past twenty-four hours regarding arrhythmia, heart rate, spectral power, sinus tachycardia and more. The reports also feature sixty second enlargements for heart rate variability, heart rate, arrhythmia, pauses and sinus tachycardia.

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The ECG Holter Report provides a summary of atrial and ventricular ectopics, spectral power, heart rate and more. The front page summary allows for a fast overall impression. Up to thirty colored ECG strips are used to highlight the most important ECGs. These strips can be highlighted for the symptoms detailed in the patient’s diary.
The Full Disclosure feature on the color coded reports confirms the accuracy of the data. Atrial ectopics are color coded red, pauses are color coded blue, and ventricular ectopics are color coded green. To make the evaluation quicker, Full Disclosure also highlights the saved ECG strips. SAECG, QT, Sleep Apnea Evaluation and HRV are available too. Saved Holter monitor data can be used to create any of the aforementioned reports in situations where extra diagnostic details are required.
Holter Monitoring Services enable you to enhance the level of care you provide to patients with cardiac conditions. You can have all the supplies and equipment on hand, which means you can connect your patients to monitors immediately. Reports can be generated within hours (sometimes minutes), so patients can receive necessary treatment without delay. One American dies from heart failure every minute, which is why timely cardiac monitoring is imperative. Call us today at 800-267-5248 for a free consultation to find out how we can help improve the care you give to your patients, at absolutely no cost to your practice!

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