Holter MonitorThe Cardiac Monitoring experts at CMS have put together a list of the questions that they encounter most frequently from patients who are researching Holter Monitors. If you have any further questions please feel free to Email us at info@cardiacmonitoringservice.com and we’ll gladly add your question to the list.

What is a Holter Monitor?

Occasionally it is necessary for Doctors to monitor your heart rhythm for an extended period of time in order to get a more detailed look at your heart condition. While the device is worn, it monitors and records all of your heart beats. The data your physician receives from the Holter report will help them to develop a better treatment plan for you.

What is myPatch?

myPatch is a cutting edge multi-channel Holter recorder. The state-of-the-art-design was developed with patient comfort in mind while also making sure to improve the accuracy of the data being collected. myPatch is brought to you exclusively by Cardiac Monitoring Service.

Does it hurt?

No. Holter Monitors utilize adhesive to affix to your body and there is no pain associated with use of the device.

How long do I need to wear it?

The duration you’ll need to wear a Holter Monitoring device will be based on your specific case, and will be determined by your doctor. Generally, Holter Monitors are worn anywhere between a few days and a few weeks.

Are Holter Monitors uncomfortable?

Not anymore! Traditionally, Holter Monitors have been bulky with various wires protruding in all directions. However, myPatch has revolutionized the design of Holter Monitors! The design features single electrode application which eliminates the need for lead wires, and allows for an ultra-compact design that is non-intrusive to patients.

Can I shower while wearing a Holter Monitor?

The myPatch Holter Monitor was engineered to be water resistant. This means that patients may shower while wearing their cardiac monitor, however it cannot be completely submerged under water for prolonged periods of time.

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