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Get Advanced and User-Friendly Holter Monitors

Cardiac Monitoring Services (CMS) makes it easy to provide your patients with the advanced diagnostic care of Holter monitoring services while generating additional revenue for your practice. All at absolutely no charge to your office!

With CMS’s Holter monitoring program you will receive:

  • Multi-Day Holter Recorders – In single electrode application, to provide three channels of continuous ECG data over the course of one to fourteen days with no lead wires! Each ultra-high-resolution myPatch SL Holter heart monitor is water-proof to enhance patient compliance.
  • Same Day Results – When the patient returns to your office simply plug the Holter monitor in to the upload cable we’ll provide, enter the patient information and upload the data over CMS’ secure online portal.  Retrieve your completed report from any computer with your custom user name and password. Edited reports are ready for you – always the same day, and often within minutes.
  • Time-Saving Full-Color Reports – Prepared by our Certified Cardiovascular Technicians. Arrhythmia color-coding allows for faster and easier review and verification.
  • Easy-to-Use Software – Turn your desktop computer into a complete Holter system.
  • 24/7 Customer Service & Support – We can even show your records manager how to easily store all of your Holter reports in your existing Electronic Medical Records program.

The Most Diagnostically Advanced, Accurate & Detailed Reports Available. Each full-color report includes:

  • Holter ECG Report Summary – Summarizes heart rate, ventricular and atrial ectopics, heart-rate variable time domain and spectral power, and more. Mini ECG strips help conclude a quick general impression.
  • 24-Hour Trend Report – Shows 24-hour trends of heart rate, arrhythmia, ST, heart rate variability time domain and spectral power, and more. Also includes the hourly counts for heart rates, heart rate variability, ST, arrhythmia’s and pauses.
  • 12 to 30 Color ECG Strips – Highlighting the significant ECGs from the test. ECG strips are also made for each symptom noted in the Patient Diary.
  • Color-Coded Full Disclosure – Verifies that the report is 100% accurate. Ventricular ectopics are green, atrial ectopics are red, and pauses are blue. Saved ECG strips are also highlighted on the full disclosure to help speed review.

QT, SAECG, HRV and Sleep Apnea Analysis are Also Available

For cases where additional diagnostic information is needed, the data from our Holter monitor recordings can also be used to generate any or all of these reports.

Improve Patient Care

When a patient presents with potential cardiac issues, be prepared. Have all of the equipment and supplies on hand so you can hook them up to a Holter monitor immediately. Reports can be prepared within hours, so your patients can quickly get the treatment that they need.

Click to see Medicare-approved diagnosis Codes for Holter and Cardiac Event Testing.


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