The CoVa™ Monitoring System is designed for patients with chronic illnesses and aims to detect symptoms of congestive heart failure. Intended for at-home patients, the device could potentially be groundbreaking for cardiac monitoring equipment and the prevention of congestive heart failure. The CoVa™ heart monitor can remotely measure vitals such as heart rate, fluid buildup, stroke volume, respiration and more.

Another goal of the Cova™ Monitoring system is to prevent hospital readmissions. By closely monitoring cardiopulmonary parameters, physicians and clinicians are able to determine whether or ncovaot a patient’s vitals require them to be readmitted to the hospital.

toSense had doctors and patients in mind when they designed the CoVa™ heart monitoring device. The monitoring system is worn just like a traditional necklace and has simple magnetic clasps and electrodes for older patients. The device only needs to be worn for a few minutes a day, and information is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth and cloud technology.

toSense has just received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration to continue development of their dynamic heart monitor.

Cardiac Monitoring Service is committed to providing our doctors with the most effective reporting tools available, while also providing our patients with the comfort and ease of use that they deserve. We look forward to seeing the development of toSense’s new heart monitor, and we applaud their innovation.

CoVa Monitoring System

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