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Certainly you don’t need a cardiac monitoring service to tell you that laughter has positive health benefits. As far back as ancient times, it was widely known that laughter can have medicinal effects. However, not many people today realize just how good it is for your overall heart health as well. Laughter protects against stress, increases good hormones, calms the fight or flight system in the body and actually strengthens the immune system. Laughter is also known to bond people together when it is shared, while boosts your energy levels and temporarily relieves pain.

Lowers Blood Pressure

As you laugh, key muscles in the body are worked, which temporarily raises blood pressure for a moment, before going into a sustained drop. High blood pressure damages and weakens your blood vessels and leads to the formation of clots. Laughing for just fifteen minutes a day can significantly lower blood pressure. The heartier and more deeply you laugh, the better it is for your heart.

Reduces Stress Levels

A good laugh, more than just a chuckle, relieves stress and physical tension. After belly laughing for a few minutes, your muscles can stay relaxed for up to forty-five minutes afterwards. Stress is known as the silent killer and one area it attacks more than others is the heart. According to a recent heart study, laughter and having a sense of humor reduced the risk of a heart attack by decreasing the stress response in the body.

Makes You Feel Good

Everyone knows that after having a laugh, you feel good, but the reason why is because of one important factor – the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s feel-good chemical. And, laughing can release a significant amount, which leaves you with an overall sense of well-being. Having a relaxed body and relaxed mind allows the heart to work at its optimal best, which allows it to pump plenty of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body without needing to work harder than it should.

Protects the Heart

Researchers don’t quite know exactly why laughing protects the heart, but they do know that laughter increases blood flow and improves the functionality of all your blood vessels and circulation, which results in a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Some researchers theorize that on-going mental stress incites an inflammatory response throughout the body, including the heart, and that improved circulation and blood flow as a result of laughing can mitigate that inflammation.

Boosts T-Cell Production

T-cells have the responsibility of keeping you healthy and free from sickness. Stress, being over-tired, eating a poor diet and not working out can lower your T-cell production. However, a hearty laugh boosts the production of T-cells and helps you fight off sickness. There are many illnesses that can leave the heart in a weakened state, so the more you laugh, the stronger your immune system will be and the better your heart will be protected.

As a leading provider of holter monitors and cardiac event monitors, we want to spread the word that laughing is an essential part of what makes you human, it bonds people together and is good for you. Find ways to make yourself laugh every day and enjoy knowing that laughter isn’t just fun, it’s also helping your heart.

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