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Our free trials are designed to let you experience the benefits of our accurate 24hr cardiac analysis, Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring and leading devices and reporting technology at your clinic.


Getting started

Our team works closely with you to ensure your trial goes smoothly. We’ll set you up, provide all the necessary hardware and software, and support you at each stage through patient hook up, data transfer and reviewing your reports on our leading  cardiac reporting platforms.

What’s included:
  • All devices & software
  • Set up, training and support
  • All tests and analysis
  • No obligation

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About myPatch Holters

  • 3-channels
  • 1-14 day recording
  • Adult, pediatric & neonate sizes
  • Showerproof


Mobil-O-Graph provides interval measurement over 24/48hrs for a full diagnostic assessment of blood pressure for your patients – allowing for circadian rhythm, patient activity and white coat or masked hypertension concerns. Auto feedback logic ensures gentler, faster adjustments to individual blood pressure response for a less patient disturbance at night.

Our easy set up process provides your clinic with everything you need to begin ambulatory blood pressure monitoring right away.


Key features

-Peripheral blood pressure
-Arterial stiffness
-Central aortic pulse wave
-Interval measures over 24/48hrs
-Create hemodynamic day/night profile


About BeatBox

BeatBox is a global platform that makes cardiac reporting easy. Flexible cloud technology with unlimited integrations to all leading medical systems and software.
  • Mobile reporting on any device
  • No set up costs
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Live data & alerts
  • In-report messaging
  • Secure permissions & access

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Why Cardiac Monitoring Service?

We deliver faster cardiac data worldwide using the latest cardiac reporting technology.

We remain independent of devices, and instead choose only the highest performing Holters and heart monitoring technology available globally, so you can be sure you’re providing leading care to your patients.


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