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How it works

Holters services trial at your facility

We provide you with all devices, software, staff training and support – and work closely with you at each stage.

During consultation or as part of our new remote mail out services, patients are hooked up with myPatch in under 30 seconds allowing them to immediately return to daily routines without limits during the study period. At the end of the study,  we will return cardiac analysis reports with 24hrs.

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How it works

Telemetry & Events or Ambulatory ABP

30-day trials allow you to test our Clarus 40M all-in-one Telemetry & Events device or Mobil-O-Graph Ambulatory BP services.

We’ll set you up, provide all the necessary hardware and software, and support at each stage as you hook up patients, transfer data and review of reports on our leading mobile cardiac reporting platform, BeatBox. Our service comes with no set up costs and no obligation.

Medical credentials

99.98% Accuracy on average

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Quality Assurance

Medical excellence has remained at our core for 30+ years, with our own proprietary QA systems delivering unmatched standards in accurate, on-time reporting globally.

100% Transparent results

We’re remain open about our reporting quality, with monthly Repeat and graded Error rates provided to our customers.

Medical expertise

Led by MD Assoc Prof Harry Mond, our clinical team meets global standards in cardiac reporting , with ongoing evaluation and continued professional development.


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 myPatch features

  • 3-channels
  • 1-14 day recording
  • Adult, paediatric & neonate sizes
  • Showerproof