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The need for enhanced monitoring

An analysis of current literature, guidelines, and technology




Prof John Camm, BHF Emeritus Professor of Clinical Cardiology at St.George’s University of London

Clip 1 (2mins)

Diagnosis of AF post-stroke and TIA: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Insights into the patient pathway, likely diagnostic yield at each stage, and maximizing monitoring across the pathway

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Clip 2 (9mins)

Benchmarking ECG Recording Technologies Performance and Practice through Literature review

Insights into the ambulatory ECG monitoring technology landscape, and how to think about applicable technology at each stage of the patient pathway

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Clip 3 (3mins)

NICE, ESC and AHA/ASA Guidelines on diagnosing patients for AF post-stroke

Insights into the latest clinical guidelines, and interpreting them for using Holter monitoring in-practice

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Clip 4 (3mins)

Improving AF diagnostic yield post-stroke through scoring techniques

Leveraging scoring techniques to understand likely diagnostic yield for different patient profiles

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Watch our brief video series

Improving the patient pathway

Experiences and recommendations from in-practice



Dr Arvind Chandratheva, UK, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Karen Kee, UK, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust
Dr Don Sims, UK, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Bhaskar Mukherjee, UK, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

Clip 1 (11mins)

In-practice insights on finding and anticoagulating at-risk patients within critical time period

Benefits of implementing multi-day holter monitoring as close to index stroke event as possible, maximizing diagnostic yield and reducing time to anticoagulation for at-risk patients

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Clip 2 (10mins)

In-practice insights on implementing the optimal patient pathway

Thoughts and recommendations on the optimal patient pathway and how to maximize enhanced Holter monitoring in-practice

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Clip 3 (5mins)

In-practice insights on how to leverage pilot to build a business case

Thoughts and recommendations on how UK hospitals and clinics within an integrated network can best leverage a 20-patient pilot to build a business case to demonstrate value

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